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Data and Process Management


Manage your personal team with RENKOM Team Edition

  • The features you need to collaborate with your team
  • Manage whatever is important to you
  • Work together on projects, cooperate on files, and send To-Dos to each other

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Project management software for your entire organization

  • Customize project and data types to what makes sense for your business
  • Use modules to manage your organization's HR,ERP,CRM or other needs and link them together seamlessly
  • Sophisticated user permissions to keep sensitive information secure, and an audit trail to keep track of who's doing what

Under Development


A new standard operating system for your business

  • Full customization of all user facing interfaces
  • Integrate with equipment, sensors, and other software suites using the API
  • In-depth, compliance-ready audit trail with tools to detect suspicious behaviour

Available to RENKOM Partners

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